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Wooden Wick Burning

Wooden Wick Burning

wooden wicks sometimes get a bad rep from being hard to use or for not working in the same way as regular cotton wick candles. however, they are actually a lot more effective and easier to use once you have the knowledge on how to make the most out of each burn.

here at wxy. we love the crackle and aesthetic of wooden wicks along with their amazing performance - so we wanted to empower our community to become wooden wick experts as well. as with any new product, it times a few tries to adjust to using it, but hopefully, it will help expand your candle knowledge and allow you to enjoy even more scents than before!


  1. the wax is the fuel - the wax around the wick acts as fuel for the wick to burn. therefore burning the wax for a few seconds around the wick before lighting will encourage the wick to light and stay lit.


  2. be careful of the surface you light on, as you are melting wax as this point and will need to be careful not to drip hot wax on surfaces.


  3. when relighting a wooden wick, get rid of charred parts of the wick - as this area will not burn and will cause more damage to the candle.

if you’re still strugling to mantain a lit wick, follow our guide on wooden wick burning on instagram, where we have provided a video on how to ensure your wick stays lit all the time. if you still need support, feel free to send us a direct message and we’ll get back to you asap.

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