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Our Favourite Spring Scents.

Our Favourite Spring Scents.

Spring 2024

so the sun was here for a week and it made us exceedingly excited about spring. so much so, that we started having a debate in the office about our favourite spring scents - which then escalated into a passionate discussion about all of our favourite fresh smells….basically, no work was done. but we came up with a great idea for seasonal blogs to help you find the right scents that will fill your home with the perfect seasonal vibe..

our top 5

1. eos

our orris root and amber favourite was introduced to the range over a year ago as a fresh summer boost to the classic collection. along with its very soft and beautful appearance, it has an extremely light and enjoyable fragrance that is perfect for those with a sensitive nose. not too over-powering & perfect compliment to a sunny spring evening.

where do we put it?

this one sits firmly on the bedside table for a refreshing and comforting evening burn.

from £13.95

2. juiced

the classic freshest scent on the market. it’s been a firm favourite among our buyers since we introduced the scent with our first release of classic smells & has been given a scent boost in the last year to increase its throw. juiced highlights the freshest notes of citrus, cucumber, and avocado to offer a truly uplifting scent. it’s got spa and smoothie vibes - is there a better place a scent could take you?

where do we put it?

it’s a perfect kitchen & bathroom scent - where you want a fresh uplifting fragrance to blossom


from £13.95

3. immerse

(disclaimer) - you will need a zephyr diffuser for this one

a quite truly perfect scent that we would implore any diffuser owners to try immediately. not only do the pastel nudes hit a spring feeling, but the scent inside the matted bottle is ideal for the whole of spring and into summer.

where do we put it?

literally…anywhere. it smells that good.


4. aura

the cleanest scent of them all! it’s been through a rebrand and a name change, but aura remains one of the freshest and enjoyable scents across all our ranges. many people love deep, strong smells that can travel long distances and overpower everyday household scents. but aura provides a soft and gentle ‘aura’ that flows through the room and compliments its surroundings. a welcoming scent, to welcome positivity.

where do we put it?

it’s sat in my hallway at the moment - waiting to greet me for when i get home

from £13.95

5. grass. moss. shade.

this is a scent that truly personifies spring, providing our 'greenest' experience by far. take in natural scents of spring moss, freshly cut grass and ripening summer fruits that will allow your senses to blissfully transition into the spring months.

where do we put it?

in the living room to make sure i can experience the scents of spring even on those not-so-springy rainy days.


grass. moss. shade. 


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