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Candle Care Tips

Candle Care Tips

everyone wants to get the most out of their favorite scents and we are no different. we burn up until the last minute where possible. so we gathered all the best information and knowledge from our team to be able to empower our community with the key tips on how to preserve your favourite scents and how to best care for your candles & diffusers/


  1. no matter which size candle you buy - always make sure the first burn covers the surface area of the wax. you may not want to use up the candle quickly - but to get the best (longest burns) from your candles - make sure you burn the surface layer and continue to allow the candle to burn evenly. we suggest up to an hour on the first burn for most candles - and with our big wooden wick vessels, maybe a bit longer.


  2. don’t always burn your candles…our candles have the capacity to fill a room without burning in some cases. some of our stronger scents can fill a room with closed windows on their own - so be mindful of where you place your scents in order to get the most scent influence out of them.


  3. never leave your candle alone and always be mindful of surfaces that you place candles on. additionally, by leaving your candle or diffuser in a draughty area of the home - you may find that it reduces the lifetime of the scent as the burn rate increases.


  4. when re-lighting a candle, trim the wick with scissors to approximately 0.5mm. if your flame is too unruly or high or smoking, this is a sign that your wick needs a trim.


  5. when blowing out or extinguishing your candle - be careful not to splash hot wax on surrounding areas. leave your candle to cool and the wax to return to a solid state before handling or moving.


  6. take time to rebalance or enjoy each scent as a backdrop to whatever you’re doing. we create scents for every mood and every scenario - so find your balance and immerse yourself in a moment.


  7. reuse and refill - we make vessels we are proud of because we want to encourage our community to reuse them around the house as plant pots, pencil pots, storage, or maybe something a little more innovative.


  8. always keep up to date with our instagram, newsletter & blog to ensure you are getting all the relevant and most accurate information on our candles and diffusers. we want all our community to be fragrance experts and have the ability to get the most out of each wxy moment.

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