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Candle Care - How To's and Why

Candle Care - How To's and Why

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your candle? We think you should be able to savour (almost) every last drop and really get your money's worth - we are all about that here. It is the main reason why we started the brand.

For those of you that don't know, we started wxy. with the challenge to create a candle brand that retailed at a very competitive price, and came with all the ingredients, care and credentials of a luxury brand. 

Getting the best value and best experience from your candle involves a little bit of science and following some key tips. 

Using a wick trimmer (or scissors) trim your candle wick before lighting to around 3mm. Do this before every burn. Without fail. Also, if you have been burning your candle for a long time and you notice it getting a little smoky, or the flame getting bigger and dancing around erratically, put it out and give it a trim. 

For our Big Amber, Umbra and Roam candles we highly recommend using our wick trimmer, now launched online, to trim the wick to around 3mm. Trust us, they really will chop through the substantial wood wick much better than a pair of scissors. For one, the angle is just right to tackle these chunky wicks, and you will get a nice clean cut. It is also a LOT safer than using scissors, a kitchen knife, a saw or other implement! The wick trimmer is also great for removing any black debris from the wick before lighting, the black bits won't ignite properly. 

Once you have your candle lit, please always follow the first burn golden rules. Leave your candle lit until a melt pool has formed all the way across - this will prevent tunnelling and makes sure you get a nice clean burn all the way down to the very. last. drop.

The fun doesn't stop there... all our candle vessels are re-useable. Once there is only 1cm of wax left in your candle, stop burning and leave to cool. The easiest way to remove the remaining wax is to put your candle into the freezer for a few hours. This will shrink the wax and allow you to gently tap out any remaining wax in the bottom of the candle. Now all you have to do is get creative and think of something useful to give the beautiful glass a second life. 

Big Amber, Umbra and Roam glasses make amazing pots for succulents or orchids. Our concrete Studio 1 and 2 pots look great in the bathroom, our Classic white glass is perfect for pens and 3oz glass makes a sweet bedside jewellery tidy. 

Don't forget to show us your wxy. on instagram @wxyscents.  

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